Newark New Jersey Board of Education

Just as the Allergy Emergency Kit was originally developed for a very specific school and then we realized the idea had wide appeal, the LiveSafer cabinet came to be during a discussion with the nursing staff of Newark New Jersey Board of Education in 2019.  We realized that legislation passing in several states was going to create a "cabinet problem" between AEDs, our Allergy Emergency Kit and the up-and-coming concepts of public access Stop The Bleed and stock Naloxone/Narcan.  

Around that same time, we lost a precious member of our own community to an asthma attack.  It became clear to us that modern first aid was not about gauze and band-aids anymore...the technology had changed and the old paradigms had to give way to a more modern approach.  

With space for up to six inner cases plus an AED -- or up to 10 inner cases without an AED, the LiveSafer cabinet line has tremendous potential for quickly deploying additional lifesaving technologies throughout institutional buildings.