Carle Hospital - Women's Legacy Circle - Champaign County, Illinois

For Champaign County’s schools, a Carle doctor is writing the EpiPen prescriptions that allow trained school staffs to administer the shots to anyone who needs emergency treatment, and Carle is now providing designated wall cabinets to the schools so their EpiPens can be visible and handy, rather than tucked away in a school office that might be locked.

Most states have laws in place that allow schools to stock epinephrine, and in a handful of states it’s mandatory for schools to have it available.

Illinois schools can voluntarily keep EpiPens on hand under a 2011 state law. An update to the law that went into effect this past August allows all trained school staff, not just school nurses, to administer this treatment to anyone they believe in good faith is experiencing anaphylaxis and frees them to act without fear of liability.