The LiveSafer 5

The Original LiveSafer Cabinet for Naloxone, Epinephrine and Severe Bleeding Kits

The LiveSafer 6 (Thin Profile 4 Inch Depth)

The LiveSafer XL with AED, Choking First Aid Kit (LifeVac) and 5 Inner Cases

LiveSafer 6 Cabinet Will Work With Some AEDs, Particularly those without Carrying Cases

The LiveSafer XL with a Zoll AED in its carrying case at Pekin IL School District 108.

This LiveSafer cabinet is installed in all Downers Grove High School Buildings

The LiveSafer XL is deep enough to hold a 6 inch fire extinguisher with an AED and 3 Inner Red Cases.

Frequently you will not have a use for all 7 of the red inner cases right away. You can remove them and orient the utilized cases to make them more conspicuous. In this case, if you remove two red cases, the remaining ones can be turned to face out

When you have one, two or three cases up top, you can face them outwards so the larger decal shows the contents more conspicuously. Isn't Velcro wonderful?

In a mass casualty event, one stop the bleed kit is not going to be adequate. You can use any extra space you have in your cabinet with extra Severe Bleeding Kits

This is probably the ideal use of LiveSafer XL. You have your AED, a LifeVac choking first aid kit, epinephrine, naloxone, albuterol, glucagon, and severe bleeding kit. This ain't your grandfather's first aid kit!

This is our Mass Casualty Version of LiveSafer. 20 Stop The Bleed Kits in a single cabinet (10 inner cases with double kits in each one) With quick thinking responders, many lives can be saved.

This LiveSafer version is specifically for cafeterias so you are prepared for both food allergy incidents and choking incidents with a single cabinet