Brandon Wilson with Naloxone Boxes Ready for Shipment

Brandon Wilson, owner of Illinois Supply Company and designer of the original Overdose Emergency Kit which created the Naloxone Box category in 2014.

Naloxone 24 / 7 / 365

Illinois Supply had to triple its capacity to deal with increased demand during 2022 and I'm proud to say we can triple production again in 2023 if that is what it takes to make Naloxone available EVERYWHERE it is needed.  This year I am particularly focused on two things:

#1 spreading the news about best practices discovered by implementers of successful programs we have helped supply in Monroe County, NY, Western Pennsylvania, Los Angeles and dozens of other cities across the country.

#2 protecting high schools that are starting to see the impact of counterfeit and contaminated drugs resulting in opioid exposures to increasingly young students.

If you are starting a new program, or need a Naloxone distribution tool that does not yet exist - call me directly on my cell at 773-932-7483

Monroe County, NY - 550 Naloxone Boxes Being Distributed Now!

It is inspiring to see Naloxone Boxes installed in hotels, dollar stores, community centers and dozens of other businesses.  Breaking down stigma and thinking big are the key to saturating communities with Naloxone.  Remember, this is a stop-gap.  The magnitude of this crisis does not lend itself to overnight fixes to the underlying problem.




7X Less Expensive Than A Naloxone Vending Machine


Finally, a free-standing, relocatable Naloxone Distribution Box that can be deployed indoors or out, from the shopping mall to the worst HIDTA.

Pole-Wrap Signage That Won't Damage The Pole!

English, Spanish and French Signs In-Stock. 120 Other Languages Available Upon Request.

The Naloxone Carpet Bomber.  45 Seconds To Install.

Customizable Emergency Cabinets for Public Spaces.

Contact us to discuss your site.  We can manufacture highly tailored solutions to fit your situation.



Customize Cabinets With Your Organization's Logo and Messaging