Designed by an Allergy Parent

 ACCESSIBLE 24/7/365

  Designed by an allergy parent

No matter where you need it
there's a protection solution for you

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Do you want The Original Allergy Emergency Kit in your school? Download this flyer and take it to your school nurse, PTA, or administration.

Made in the USA

The Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ is manufactured in the United States and to the extent practicable, with USA-sourced materials. We assemble our cabinets and panels in Mokena, Illinois from materials sourced from Illinois, Utah, Indiana, Alabama, Ohio, Washington and more.

When seconds count...

... you don't want epinephrine locked in the nurse's office. Put it where it can be used in an emergency before school, after school, during extracurricular activities and during weekend building activities.

  •   Patent pending secure storage of epinephrine
    •   Key access for access by authorized personnel
      •   In an emergency anyone can break the window
        •   Compatible with all types of auto-injectors

          The Original Allergy Emergency Kit™ product line is only one step toward a safer environment for our kids, but if we can save just one life - just one child in the whole world - I will consider this effort well worth whatever time and money it takes to bring it to market.
          Inventor, Brandon Wilson