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Food Allergy Emergency Kit for Restaurants

This non-locking epinephrine auto-injector case is designed especially for restaurant use. Store it closed on the wall or open for fast access. Comes with a velcro hanging system and a laminated auto-injector instruction sheet. Does not include medication - you must buy that separately with prescription.

Product Features:

  • Install this case in a prominent place in your kitchen or corridor so all employees know where to find epinephrine in an allergic emergency
  • Includes mounting hardware and laminated auto-injector instructions
  • If stock epinephrine is legal in your state, you and your customers will gain great peace of mind knowing that you have this lifesaving medication on hand
  • Perfect for restaurants that serve cashews, almonds, pecans, peanuts, shellfish and other common food allergens!

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EN9394 Each 6 Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Restaurant and Foodservice